Which wedding dress best suits your figure?

Your wedding is one of the most romantic and beautiful days of your life, so you are sure to want to find the perfect wedding dress to float down the aisle in. But before you start going dress shopping or choosing the perfect wedding bands from a jewelry shop, you might be interested in finding out which dress best suits your body shape.

For those of you who have been very organised with the wedding, maybe you’ve booked the venue and have arranged the food as well as the band, then you deserve to relax for a while, take it easy and start thinking about what sort of dress you would like. Below are a few fashion tips to help you find the perfect dress to compliment your figure.

Slim brides

Whether you are small or tall, if you are very slim then you are very lucky because you can get away with wearing fitted dresses with a high neckline. But try to avoid wearing off-the-shoulder or halter necklines if your collarbone is a bit bony.

Pear shapes

Your perfect dress would be a ball gown because it emphasises your small waist but hides your larger thighs and bottom. Try and find a ball gown which has a fitted corset-style top with a large, puffy skirt and accessorize with kitten heels.

Apple shapes

As an apple shape, you are more voluptuous than most. Your perfect dress would be an empire-line gown because this style helps to de-emphasise your waist, giving you a leaner look. Avoid tight corset tops as they will draw too much attention to your middle. 

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