8 Stunning Engagement Rings by ArtMasters

Dec 17, 2012 by

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With predictable and often uninspired designs, most engagement rings are never worth writing about. Unless it’s on the finger of a celebrity, it’s hard to care about a shiny piece of rock on a gold band either, or so I thought until I stumbled upon the gorgeous engagement rings from an Etsy store called Art Masters. Designed and owned by Gnel, a master level CAD custom jewelry designer from Glendale, California, his cutting-edge work reinvents what engagement rings are supposed to look like. Gleaming sapphires and black diamonds are placed on dramatic carved settings, while black gold bands make the piece stand out like no other. Browsing through his store is enough to make you wish someone – anyone – would propose to you with one of these rings. Check out my favorites below!

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