Fall Flower Girl Dresses

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fall flower girl dress 1

Looking at autumn trends makes me wish that we had fall in the Philippines. Sure, we can still wear many of the trends and colors of the season, but wouldn’t it be nice if trees outside were shedding their leaves and getting ready for the winter? Anyway, you can replicate the crisp atmosphere of fall at your wedding by dressing your entourage appropriately. Start with the flower girl! While flower girls look adorable in just about any dress, they look extra sweet in the rich fabrics, deep jewel tones, and golden-brown hues of autumn. Check out my favorite fall flower girl dresses under the cut.

fall flower girl dress 2

fall flower girl dress 3

fall flower girl dress 4

fall flower girl dress 5

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  1. lorraine islas

    fall flower girl dress #3 …who make it where can i find it ?

  2. Casey T.

    Where can I find dress number 2, with one with the leaves?

  3. cynthia

    I would like to know where to find the first dress with the leaves and the fourth one that is sorta greensih goldish :) thank you I am getting married in the fall and it is outdoors so those dressses would be perfect

  4. cynthia

    oh i am sorry i guess it is dress two and dress five i liked

  5. tiffany

    Where can I find the orange plaid dress

  6. Amanda

    Where I can find dress number 2 with the leaves on it? Ive seen it on several other website and they dont have pricing either.

  7. Amanda

    Where can I find dress number two with the leaves on it?

  8. Amber

    i was wondering were i can find dress number 2 with all the leaves on it.

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