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I outgrew Hello Kitty when I was seven years old but I guess some girls aren’t too old for this white Japanese cat by Sanrio. Brides with the money to spare for kitsch can shell out $4,000 for a ruffly, pink wedding dress adorned with Hello Kitty’s face. The Hello Kitty wedding dress is exclusively available in Japan, although I’m not entirely sure if they’re licensed by Sanrio to use the image of the white cartoon kitty. Its ornate design is definitely very Japanese though; the large hoop skirt reminds me a little of the royal wedding gowns by Takami Bridal and Jill Stuart.

And if that’s not enough for the hardcore fan, you can apparently get an entire Hello Kitty wedding done at the Daiichi Hanyu hotel chain in Japan. Wedding packages cost somewhere in between $8,717 – $22,275.

Sanrio’s not the only company to offer cartoon-themed weddings for brides who are children at heart. Last year, Disney launched a line of wedding gowns for women who want to look and feel like their favorite fairy tale princess on their wedding day. The most expensive Disney Princess wedding dress is a thousand bucks cheaper than the Hello Kitty wedding dress, probably because Disney gowns are a lot less poofy and busy-looking.

Edit: apparently, there are many Hello Kitty wedding dresses in different styles and colors! Plus, a Hello Kitty tux to dress your groom in.


  1. My friend is a huge Hello Kitty fan. She would love this!!! I don’t know if should tell her as she would just have to have something similar made.

  2. i real love hello kitty and if that was mi dress i would wear it ever were i want care were i am at i thnk that is a hell cutie a*s dress i love it no lie

    y3a !m C0cky

  3. Kenyana jonas

    OMJ! My friend is such a hello kitty lover she may lose her mind if she saw this!!!! lol!

  4. I love this.. pwedeng pwede sa mga Kitty Girls… Ganda naman

  5. I totally love it…

  6. lisa

    why would some one wher that on ther wedding day

  7. lisa

    hello kitty is for babby`s


  9. katy Perry

    i have all my dresses with hello kitty on them!!!!!
    i love it so much i can live in a world full of hello kitty

  10. katy Perry

    i just love i want to own a world with dresses full of hello kitty

  11. Tessa.

    Do they not (eat) in Japan or sumthing!?!! . I have just gone on a website selling this kind of ‘merchandise’ and they have a (I assume) , Uk ‘Size 14′ down as ‘X- Large’ (!) , and a ‘Size 12 ‘ as “Large’ . Bizarre!!!!!! .. They have their Size’s all mixed up!!!!!!!! .

  12. My daughters dream come true! Tacky, how rude shows some girls grow up. Yet a real lady keeps the little girl in her heart alive to pass on her true loves of life.
    Truly lovely craftsmanship.

  13. mimi byrne

    i love hello kitty stuffs!!!
    and now.. the gown!!

  14. Lok

    This is so cute and absolutely adorable. =)

  15. Jeny

    Wow, I’m really a hello kitty fan, which reminds me of the old times. But it is so cute. I’d rather choose this wedding dress for my wedding on April.:-)

  16. My daughter.terriann his mad on hello.kitty and she saw this dress and she like it and she his only 5 year old please can you send this picture to my e mail or facebook

  17. hi this my mums havein a weddin dress is mine because my mum is havein a weddin yes

  18. I cant believe that they made hello kitty dress

  19. HeLLoGaBBy

    i luv hello kitty i would like that dress for my 15

  20. mary joy verad

    well well’ Im one of hello kitty’s fan. being a paranoid this thing!

  21. ‘Sexy lover ‘ you sound like a psycho I think a ‘hello kitty dress’ would look *LOVELY* at a wedding .

  22. I love this dress but i would not wear it to my wedding. I would let my daughter wear it if i had kids but im only 15. My friend would soooooooooo wear it to her wedding.

  23. ME

    Who in the hell is going to have a serious wedding with a fricion hello kitty dress? The groom will most likely be mad as well as the family. Maybe for little kids but not for adults.

  24. Tessa .

    ‘ME’ Why not?? the dress is lovely,

  25. ‘ME’ Why not?? the dress is lovely,

  26. Not everyone wants a traditional wedding. I certainly don’t. I want a relaxed wedding. Not to serious but, still a wedding you know? Its a party. Live it up. Have fun. I agree with Tessa “why not?” haha :)

  27. Hello Kitty

    Its a good dress for my sweet 16 not for my wedding…..only if i was that crazy i would wear…:)

  28. Baby Blion

    Okay, the dress is fun. It’s different. Perfect for a lively bride. Not everyone’s going to like it. I’m not fond of the people who are mocking it and the people who would actually like it. It’s a matter of opinion. And usually, in Japan, they are smaller framed and petite. They eat just like everybody else.

  29. i love hello kitty…..because hello kitty beautiful and my favorit

  30. Tequilaa Rose

    I am a huge Hello Kitty fan and i am 22 :D
    i would wear this dress ;) and that doesnt make me crazy :D

  31. i wish that my house my things and anything is full with hello kitty i just want hello kitty because she is cute and beautiful also and she is my favorite character in the whole world almost my classmates (girls) love also hello kitty i wish i can see hello kitty’s house and her.



  34. sanskriti

    i want it where can i buy it??

  35. Galbūt jūs norėjote ieškoti: aš megstu hello kitty labai
    I like a hella kity

  36. I love hello Kitty I would so wear this dress for my wedding she will probaly be the them

  37. Heather Patalon

    OMG i love it! i love hello kitty but i wouldn’t wear this dress for my wedding. i would wear it to other things but not for my wedding.


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