Spring 2010 Bridal Trend: Peplums

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I just spotted this interesting trend in the spring 2010 runway. Peplums are a small ruffle or over-skirt attached to the waistline of a long dress. The word peplum is actually Greek for “tunic”, but it also has a second meaning that dates all the way back to the 19th century – a short overskirt usually attached to a dress’s waist. You can probably see samples of the original peplum in Victorian photographs. The modern peplum as it is being used in the catwalks today was popularized in the 1940s, with one difference – instead of being attached to the waistline of a dress, the peplum was a fabric that extended beyond the waist of a suit jacket. Today, peplums come in many shapes, sizes, styles, and embellishments – and this spring 2010 bridal trend is no exception.

melissa sweet peplum

This silk shantung gown by Melissa Sweet probably has the simplest peplum of all the wedding dresses I’ll be featuring – a ruffled waist that resembles a simple tutu.

vera wang peplum

Peplums can also come in bubble skirt form, as seen in this tiered dress by Vera Wang.

elizabeth fillmore peplum

For a more modern look, match a peplum with an asymmetrical draping, as seen in this ivory silk poult gown by Elizabeth Fillmore.

melissa sweet peplum 2

If you don’t quite fancy the tutu look, you can make the peplum reach up to the knees. I think I’ve seen this style in old Disney movies, most notably in Cindarella – except she had a full ballgown skirt instead of a column silhouette.

Would you want a peplum on your wedding dress?

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  1. the dresses are really cool. i wish i could had one at my wedding!!

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