Korean Wedding Dresses: The Hanbok

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Let’s turn our eyes to the East for a change and get inspired by the colorful wedding garb of Korean brides – the hanbok. The hanbok is not actually a Korean wedding dress per se; rather, it refers to the traditional Korean costume. There are many different kinds of hanbok, which are classified according to their purposes – everyday hanbok, ceremonial hanbok, and special hanbok. Ceremonial hanbok are worn for formal occasions like a child’s first birthday or a bride’s wedding day, while special hanbok are for government officials and shaman. Obviously, since this is a wedding blog, I’ll be showing you some gorgeous bridal hanbok I just found on the internet.

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The women’s hanbok is made of two parts – the jeogori or the shirt, and a full wrap-around skirt called a chima. Men also wear a jeogori, but with loose pants called baji.

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Korean brides can get married in white Western wedding gowns these days, but if she chooses to wear a traditional hanbok to her wedding, she usually wears the wonsam (the ceremonial silk top coat) or hwarot (a silk embroidered robe, usually red) over the hanbok.

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Aren’t the colors of the hanbok so cheery and vibrant?

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  1. Don’t you just love the colours. I can’t wait to wear my hanbok again.

  2. Baby Blion

    I like how they have such fun, vibrant colors in contrast to our usual white dresses.


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