Kate Middleton wedding dress inspired by Princess Grace Kelly’s Wedding Dress?

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Was Kate Middleton wedding dress inspired by Princess Grace Kelly’s Wedding Dress?

The photo above clearly depicts a Princess Catherine’s Grace Kelly moment! The long sleeves with the dainty lace overlay is quite reminiscent Grace Kelly’s lace wedding dress. The lace in Kate Middleton’s wedding dress is quite unique though. It is hand-appliqued using an Irish lace-making technique called Carrickmacross.

The necklines are quite similar too.

In January 14, Josienita Borlongan thought that Kate Middleton would look good in the Princess Grace Kelly wedding dress.

Princess Grace married Prince Rainier in 1956. Her elegant but modest wedding dress was designed by Helen Rose, wardrobe designer at MGM. The wedding gown has lace decorated upper bodice and high neck.

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“It was a decorous choice for an actress who could no longer have any doubt cast on her suitability as a royal bride and princess,” according to fashion-era.com. Made from antique Valenciennes rose point lace, 25 yards of silk taffeta and 98 yards of tulle, the gown was accompanied by a veil covered with appliquéd lace lovebirds and thousands of seed pearls.

Princess Grace’s lovely wedding dress grabbed so much attention not only on her wedding day, dubbed as the wedding of the century in 1956, but also many years after.

The prediction in January 2011 was that “Middleton will look stunning on Princess Grace’s wedding gown or something very similar. She has the perfect height and build that will go well with the style of the dress. Kate, just like the late Princess Grace, is also a style icon; she can easily pull off the “Grace Kelly look ” on her special day. In addition, the dress is very fitting for the occasion and will not raise any eyebrows of her future in-laws.”

Since Princess Grace Kelly wedding dress is already a classic, it is not a surprise that future Queens can draw inspiration from the design.

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