Alexander McQueen Wedding Dresses

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alexander mcqueen

News of British fashion designer Alexander McQueen’s suicide sent ripples of shock throughout the fashion world this morning. I’ve always liked his creative use of textures, the structure of his clothes, and how he used his collections to make real statements (see the Highland Rape collection from 1995). I wish I’d been rich enough to buy a pair of shoes or a purse when he was still alive. :\

Alexander McQueen never released a bridal collection per se, but he has a few aisle-friendly white dresses for the fashion-forward bride. Check them out below.

alexander mcqueen wedding dress 1

Lily Donaldson & Jessica Stam in Alexander McQueen – V #53 by Sebastian Faena, May/June 2008

alexander mcqueen wedding dress 5

This crinoline dress isn’t exactly aisle-friendly but it sure is an interesting take on the wedding gown. From the Givenchy Spring-Summer 2000 collection.

alexander mcqueen wedding dress 4

I don’t remember which collection this dress is from but I love the lace booties!

alexander mcqueen wedding dress 7
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From Alexander McQueen’s spring/summer 2003 collection.

alexander mcqueen wedding dress 2

Emma Watson in Alexander McQueen at the National Movie Awards in 2008.

Rest in peace. :(

All other photos taken from Daily Mail



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