Wedding Cake Flavors

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The flavor and texture of your wedding cake is just as important as its appearance and just like any decision about your wedding, choosing the right flavor is not always an easy choice to make. Your baker should be able to recommend what flavor will go with the cake’s design, but sometimes you’ll have to taste different kinds of cakes before making your final decision.

Sponge cakes are typically used for wedding cakes and they come in different variations. Chiffon is an airy sponge cake, making it suited for fillings and frosting that needs to be frozen, like ice cream. Genoise is a French sponge cake that is a little more dry and crumbly than chiffon and is commonly soaked in liquers. This type of cake also goes great with heavier fillings.

Your wedding’s formality may also influence your cake’s flavor. A more formal wedding would be complemented by a traditional chiffon cake, where as modern ones can have a cake with different flavors on the same layer or different combinations for each layer. Before you decide to mix flavors, ask your baker for cake flavors that complement each other; you certainly don’t want your guests eating a strange mix of chocolate and lemon poppy seed.

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