Origami Wedding Flowers

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origami bridal bouquet 1
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Why kill fresh flowers for your bridal bouquet when you can just make your bouquet and turn it into a keepsake forever? I’m not entirely sure where the trend started, but origami bouquets are fast becoming a DIY favorite for thrifty weddings. Origami flowers come in eye-popping colors you don’t always find in real flowers, and they create a romantic, feminine atmosphere minus the cloying smell. Not to mention that you can easily save thousands of pesos on wedding flowers by creating your own out of paper instead. Even if you don’t know how to make origami flowers, you can easily learn through the help of origami books or online tutorials. Don’t have time to fold all those flowers yourself? Make origami-flower-folding a fun social event instead of a chore! Invite several of your girlfriends and bridesmaids over for a small origami party. Just make sure you don’t end up damaging the flowers you’ve already created.

origami bridal bouquet 2
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Your origami bridal bouquet will make a lasting impression if you try using both plain paper and printed paper. Although you can easily use construction paper for the plain colors, you’ll need to buy special origami paper or kami if you want prints on your flowers. Grab a bouquet stem from a flower shop, cover it in satin ribbon, and you’re good to walk down the aisle.

origami bridesmaids bouquet
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You can also create small origami bouquets for your bridesmaids to carry, and tiny origami boutonnieres for the groom’s party.

origami floral centerpiece
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If you have enough time, you can even make simple table centerpieces with origami flowers.

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  1. That’s a neat idea. Thanks for the blog post :)

  2. Beautiful and diferent!

    great idea! =]

  3. Umiyama

    The first two bouquets look lovely. The 4th photo of the decoration looks cute and fun because the colour palette matches. Spring green with spring colours are fantastic. The 3rd photo montage… well they almost had it but the bright green stems just takes away from the loveliness of the well-made flowers.

    Keep in mind that origami bouquets only look nice if you:

    - use natural looking colours. Typical coloured printer paper can look cheap because the colours are very bright and un-natural looking. There aren’t many electric blue or fluorescent orange flowers in nature, for example. Varying the colours and shades in your bouquet can help even this out. Paper is very monochromatic, but even a single flower has many colours in it.

    - smooth out sharp edges and corners. So many brides use the traditional iris and kawasaki rose models, but they can be rather chunky and angular if you don’t round edges and smooth corners.

    - use natural-looking paper to make foliage to fill out the bouquet. This apples also to the stems and the leaves. Who wants to see bent up wire sticking out the bottom and pastel green leaves paired with dark red roses? Pick colours from nature, and use some florists’ tape to cover up the stems and attach the leaves

    - Use fake pistils and stamens. This little detail can really add a nice touch. You can make them or get these from cake decorator or craft stores, or you can take some from fake/silk flowers. Don’t use cheap plastic ones with rough edges hanging around the seams. You can even use stems from fake flowers, as some flowers have quite thick stems and some are quite thin. Wire is really too thin to look natural.

    - model your origami bouquet from a real bouquet. Florists know how to make a bouquet look full and lush. You can get the same look if you study a few bouquets and observe how they are filled out and tied. A few sparse looking flowers in your hand can really ruin the effect of using paper flowers. That is when this type of endeavour looks cheap, no matter how much time you put into making your bouquets.

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