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It may sound a little strange, but I do feel a little sorry for the flowers used to decorate church aisles and table centerpieces. It’s a little sad to raise flowers only to cut them up, use them as decorations for an evening, then throw them out. If/when I get married, I’m probably going to use very few flowers. But who says you need a gigantic centerpiece arrangement for your wedding reception to look good? Here are a couple of creative centerpiece ideas that put a new spin on simple, minimalist floral arrangements.

colored-water centerpiece

With clear vases and some food coloring, you can make a simple arrangement with few flowers look really elegant. You can either place several stems on a tall vase, or cut the stem from the base and submerge the flower in the colored water of a rectangular vase.

centerpiece 3

Another way to dress up a simple arrangement is to use different materials to hold them. Instead of getting a vase, use wine bottles, lanterns, old cookie tins – the possibilities are endless. You can easily get these items from garage sales, export overruns in Dapitan, or at Divisoria.

centerpiece 2

There’s no rule that says a wedding centerpiece has to be made out of flowers. Consider using alternative materials instead, like fruit, paper lace, or better yet, cupcakes or cookies designed to look like flowers.

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  2. Ana

    I could not agree more!!!
    My sister had fantastic center pieces made out of chocolate! In the end all the gests toke some chocolate home and used it to bake cakes and other sweets!
    You can also use flowers with rooths, just find a way to make it prety like put them in a basket so you wont see the dirt!
    Congratulations on your blog!!!

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