Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

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Long hair is thought to be the best length because of its versatility – you can do so many wedding hairstyles with it. Brides with long hair have the option of wearing them in an updo, letting their hair loose, or a combination of both. But just because you have short hair, doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun styling yours for your wedding! The best thing about having short hair is that it won’t take too long to fix up and it’s easy to maintain throughout the ceremony and the reception. No need to worry about having stray hairs tucked back in or about uncoiling curls. You can still look very glamorous and feminine during your special day.

The trick to having a gorgeous hairstyle on your wedding day is to have fun with accessories. You can push back your hair with a glittery headband or tie a sheer sash from the crown of your hair to your nape, then lend the ends dangle on your shoulders. You can also part your hair to one side and make it stay there with an old-fashioned looking hairpiece. If your hair is long enough, you can curl it to soft ways and put jeweled pins for a glittering ‘do. Tiaras also look great no matter what your hair length is.

Finally, you can also get hair extensions and lengthen all or part of your locks. They’re generally expensive, but Tokyo Posh Hair Extensions at Eastwood offers snap-on hair extensions that are extremely affordable and easy to apply.

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