Bridesmaid Dress Styles and Colors

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It would be a total waste of money and good cloth if you chose a dress style your bridesmaids wouldn’t be caught dead in outside your wedding. When deciding what kind of dress your bridesmaids should wear, just remember that the best bridesmaid dress is something simple and elegant – a dress that they’d be more than happy to wear at other formal occasions.

One bridesmaid dress style that’s very popular at weddings is the slip dress. A fun dress that comes in either silk or layers of sheer chiffon, this style flatters all sorts of body types and can easily be re-used as cocktail dresses. Another bridesmaid classic is the A-line dress. Like the slip dress, the A-line dress is an enduring style that looks great on most women, especially those who are a little bottom-heavy. Add variety to the look by using two-tone cloth, adding a full length skirt, or tying a sash or thin belt with a bow around the waist. Other bridesmaid dress styles you can consider are column dresses, floor-length dresses, and halter tops.

As for the color – generally speaking, your bridesmaids’ dresses should complement the wedding’s color scheme. This year, the color scheme for most weddings are soft, ethereal, and feminine. Pastel colors like pale yellow, lavender, soft pink, pale green, peach, and powder blue are popular choices, as well as sorbet-type shades like coral, tangerine, sea green, and lime. If your wedding’s color scheme is already quite muted, do something different and have your bridesmaids wear flourescent colors like electric blue, purple, and fuschia so they will really pop out. Those who are a little more conservative might prefer pale colors like sand, grey, and taupe.

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  1. This gown is so becoming, even a guy like me who’s not at all into fashion finds it attractive. Of course, I do like the strapless look.

  2. Marta

    Hello!!! I am having the colors of navy blue and purple for my wedding and I love this dress, but where the heck do I find it? Is it even available? If anyone has any idea where this dress would be please let me know!

  3. marta

    Where can i find this dress?

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