Prince William and Kate Middleton Wedding: Five Reasons We’re Excited

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prince william and kate middleton

Everyone’s counting the days til the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton on April 29. Here are five reasons why we’re joining in!

For a look inside Westminster Abbey

The historic Westminster Abbey was built over 1,000 years ago and was the site of 38 coronations since the William the Conqueror, the first King of England, was crowned in 1066. Aside from the sheer historic nature of the place, it’s also packed with interesting relics like stained glass windows, books, and paintings. Those who can’t yet afford to visit Westminster Abbey in person (like myself) will have to do with peeks of it during the wedding, as it is the location of the ceremony.

To people-watch

Westminster Abbey can accommodate 3,000 people. The whole affair will be filled with the who’s who of British aristocracy, maybe even some celebrities.

For Kate Middleton’s wedding dress

Kate Middleton’s wedding finery is shrouded in secrecy, and we’re all dying to find out what it looks like and who designs her wedding dress! The only things we can count on for sure is that she’ll be wearing a one-of-a-kind designer wedding dress, plus a tiara from the Queen’s personal jewelry collection. Whatever Kate Middleton wears on her big day is sure to be copied and imitated by brides all over the world.

For the royal parade

The new Prince and Princess will greet their royal subjects for the first time during a horse-drawn carriage procession through London’s street. The royal parade begins at Westminster Abbey and Parliament Square, and ends at Buckingham Palace where the reception takes place.

For the reception entertainment

Rumors about the reception’s entertainment have been running as strongly as the rumors about Kate’s wedding dress, but nothing is still confirmed. It’s speculated that Sir Elton John or Sir Paul McCartney will be serenading the royal couple, but whoever ends up getting centerstage is certainly a top name in the industry.

Tune into TLC starting Monday, April 25 until Friday, April 29 for the Royal Wedding Week special, featuring shows about the most anticipated wedding of the year.

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