Non-traditional Bridal Shower

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Back in the day, bridal showers used to be a traditional and rather stuffy gathering. A relative of the bride would throw the party where the bride would receive old-fashioned presents that are supposed to help her become a good wife and create a fuzzy warm nest for her future children. Today, however, bridal showers are about the bride, who is a full-time professional carrying a college or even a Masters degree. She’s got a wide variety of hobbies, from shopping to mountain climbing, and the only time she’ll ever use a blender is to make frozen cocktail drinks. The best gift to give at a bridal shower are presents exclusively for the bride.

A themed gift basket makes a great non-traditional bridal shower gift. You’re probably a good friend of the bride who knows her inside out; fill up the basket with items that will correspond to her hobbies. For instance, include scrapbook-making supplies in the gift basket if she enjoys putting scrapbooks together. For a present that will serve a double purpose, include wedding-themed scrapbook accessories so she can create a memorable timepiece about her wedding preparations and the gifts and wishes she received from friends and family.

A practical gift that’s a hit at a lot of bridal showers is a set of kitchen utensils–with a twist. Get a medium-sized stainless steel collander with holes. Get a bunch of kitchen utensils that have holes at the end of the handle, like a spatula or a pasta holder, then tie them to the collander with colored ribbons. Place it in a gift box and when the bride opens it up, she’ll be holding a collander with hanging utensils.

Finally, if you know where the bride and groom are going to for their honeymoon, you can also get them things they can use during their vacation. If, for example. they’ll be headed to Hawaii, get them a travel guide, tropical-scented candles, a Tiki Bar handbook for cocktails, and little reminders of Hawaii that the bride can keep in the house. You can also include something traditional, like lacy blue underwear (for the “something blue”). Place all these items in a sarong, which the bride can also wear during the trip. Not only are these presents honeymoon-appropriate; the bride can use them again and again even when the honeymoon is over.

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  1. What great ideas. I love the idea of putting together a basket based on the bride to be hobbies and likes. I recently had a friend get a gardening basket full of things she could use in her garden or for her garden.

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