Shopping for a Bridal Gown: More Tips

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You’ve probably planned your wedding down to the smallest detail ever since you were a little girl and have yet to meet your prince charming. Problem is, there are so many styles and designers to choose from today. How do you go about finding the perfect bridal gown?

The “perfect bridal gown” is of course, a highly subjective thing and it ultimately depends upon your personal style. But it would help if you bring a friend or a family member who would give you an honest opinion about how you look in a certain dress. After all, you’ll be at the center of attention on your wedding. You don’t want to look “Okay!” or “Fine!” You want to be “Gorgeous!”

Comfort should also be an important concern since you’ll be wearing the dress all evening. If you think you can handle itchy lace for a few minutes, think again – it might drive you crazy after two hours of wearing the dress.

Remember that the camera adds ten pounds to your figure. Ask your friend/family member to take a photo of you while wearing the bridal gown to see if it makes you look a little chubby or if it flatters your natural curves and assets.

It’s all right if you want to diet a little to look fabulous for your wedding, but make sure you don’t get too skinny or get too fat before the big day. Once you’re done with the final fitting, do not change your eating habits drastically.

Be adventurous and try on different dresses! You won’t know which style flatters you the most until you’ve tried them all.

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