Papilio 2010 Wedding Gowns by Photographer Marina Danilova

Feb 18, 2010 by

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Continuing with the theme of simple wedding dresses, I found this stunning gallery of Papilio wedding gowns by Russian photographer Marina Danilova. Papilio doesn’t seem to have a website or anything that I can refer to, but the photos make for gorgeous inspiration. I’ve posted my favorites without resizing the photo so you can see every detail. Simply click on the picture to see the larger version.

papilio wedding dress

papilio wedding dress 1

papilio wedding dress 2

papilio wedding dress 3

papilio wedding dress 4

papilio wedding dress 5

papilio wedding dress 6

papilio wedding dress 7

View more at her Behance Gallery.

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  1. oh my. The first photo. The one sitting down looks like my wedding gown. I designed mine.

  2. Yulia – Official website of Papilio

  3. passer by

    here is papilio’s website
    i was searching for it on google for some time…it is not so easy to find.

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