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Nov 7, 2008 by

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Apparently, someone on Etsy was offering to make handmade replicas of the Hello Kitty wedding dress for brides who can’t get their hands on one all the way in Japan. It seems like she took her Etsy site down because I can’t find it anymore. Anyhow, I did some poking around the Internet and apparently, Sanrio has four more Hello Kitty wedding dress designs, though none of them are nearly as intricate as the pink one.

The white Hello Kitty wedding dress is probably the most simple of the bunch and the only one that resembles a traditional white wedding gown. I’m not a big fan of the fur trim and I think it would look a lot better without the sleeves.

I like how this wedding dress has a kind of bar wench look on the sleeves and neckline. The cotton fabric makes the dress look really informal and it’d look cute as a costume but not as a wedding dress.

The red velvet Hello Kitty wedding dress is my favorite of the bunch. I love the rich red color and the overall design, though I can’t imagine how warm and uncomfortable that dress might be. Then again, it was probably designed for colder climes and not for the tropical heat of the Philippines.

The pale blue shade of this wedding dress reminds me a lot of Barbie for some reason!

And look, a Hello Kitty bridal bouquet of flowers to go along with whatever dress you pick.

Everything you need for your big day including wedding supplies, favors, invitations, jewelry and more.

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  1. this is so cute.. hehehe.. hello kitty.. =)

  2. Erika

    How adorable!!! I love hello kitty! I’m getting the blue dress! Lol

  3. hey i love the blue dress its cutee good job who ever made it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. thoes are ugly what the fuck u r gay any one who would wear them is a quire

  5. charlie101

    ok these r the weidest dresses ever! who would ever where them for there wedding? the only time i would wear that is on holloween or when i was like 6!

  6. natalie

    i like it 4 A 15 BIRTHDAY PARTY and i would like the blue in pink and butterfly sleeves in see thru material what would be the cost?

  7. jessica choi

    i honestly have to say that these dresses are the most creative thing i have ever seen. i wouldn’t wear on the actual wedding day but at the vow renewals. if i were you i pay any attention to what these other people say because somewhere out there is someone who would buy this. keep it up!

  8. rena

    These are the ugliest dresses ever! Why would some one take the time to make these kind of dresses and why would anyone buy/wear it?!

  9. ade

    hello kitty memang bagus banget

  10. Jules

    I think the naysayers are just old fuddie duddies. You’re never too old to have fun or be creative.

  11. Jessica

    Oh my god, what a bunch of fucking retards

  12. lozzage ;)


  13. Sammi33

    These are soo kut3 <33 thm..(:

  14. preincesss

    love the dresses maybe illl buuy one on my wedding next year :) ))))))))))

  15. Brigittebelegitt

    These aree so cute I love the 3 one tooo adorable ^_^ <3

  16. Jesse

    Heyyyyyyyyyyyyy about how much would one of these cost ??

  17. jovie_av01

    hehe…. ang cute ng mga gowns! i will buy one of that hello kitty pag may money na aq!

  18. lheslie

    you know, i have lots of hello kitty collections but i have a little dress and clothes have a design of hello kitty… but i have no gowns like that… because no one create like that gown here in mindoro… if there already have expensive here i use the gown that on my debut… when i had a lot of money ill be the one to buy that one little cute white gown… to say just to make a gown its so very beautiful… hopefully many would buy the gown that purpose… its very beautiful when i see that im very happy and i told myself, the best makers of the gown that is too hard to do… its very best… i do not tell… but i pray that many people buy that gown…

    ” by the way ”

    my name is lheslie mae b. espiritu
    im 12 years old…. :)

  19. Me

    Hewwoo kitty!!!!!!

  20. faiza

    I LOVE uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  21. jana

    hello kitty

  22. i think they are reallllllyyyyyy CUTE!!! i love them! especially the blue one with hearts, it is just soooooo lovely well done who ever made it!! xxx

  23. Kitty202021

    I don’t care what any one says, those are down-right adorable. I want to get married when it’s snowing, so the red one would be perfect, it looks like it would be warm. I love it. :3
    Keep up the great work!

  24. id spend $4000 4 those dresses

  25. Kitty202021

    Oh. And P.S:
    To everyone that’s being so negative about Hello Kitty: you are NEVER too old for this. Its memories for a lot of us; memories we don’t want to give up. I’m sure there’s something from your childhoods that you still cling to, maybe physically (toys, books, etc.) or maybe not. Either way, what this person has done is great. Let’s just leave it at that. ;)

  26. i like ur dresses

  27. CUTE!!!! IM IN LOVE <3

  28. dodo12

    that not a preetttty dress or a ugly dress.

  29. Sabrina

    WOW likk realy i hv a……u cant really call her my friend cuz of the way she acts to mean spoild nd childish anywayz she iz likk in love with hellow kitty i mean likk obssesed nd yesterday we were talking about our 15 b day nd she had said that she wanted a hellow kitty dress nd i was oh GOD!nd i mean cmon she 13 i mean dont gett me wrong i <3 cookie monster nd i admit that might b childish but i only hv a shirt of him her on the other hand has shits,bows,toys,mirrors,rings,ear phones,stickers,napkins nd even a phone case…too mucch right?!?!

  30. Natalie

    I love the blue one my friend would love it! It’s creative and interesting in the good way whoever hates this is way wrong!

  31. i like the white one..!!
    i love hello kitty.. :) )


  32. Princess

    I love the dresses they’re sooooooooo cute and adorable
    I’m not hello kitty lover before but when my bf
    Gave me a big hello kitty stuf toy I get addicted to it I love hello kitty now :D
    Keep it up who ever make this ;) ur so creative godbless

  33. lizy

    i love all the dresses especially the red dress

    so awesome!

  34. BritGirl

    You must all be American!

  35. BritGirl

    I know a few farmers who could use these for the scarecrows!

  36. :)

    i like this dresses especially the white one very cute i <3 it :P im a pinoy

  37. i love the red dress a LOT !!!!!!!!!!!! IT IS SOOOO BEAUTIFUL….since my birthday is coming i can buy it….

  38. carmen alicia lopez aguilera

    estan geniales estos vestidos son de lo mas original que he visto,muy creativos y lindos.

  39. alisa

    wat a cute dresses for kids under 6 ot 7 couse thats when kid like it but i don’t i have a baby sister mybe she would won’t some of those lol

  40. wtf

    Anyone who wears this as a wedding dress obviously doesn’t have the maturity to make any lifelong commitments.

  41. claire

    OMG! those are so so cute! This is definitely going to my wishlist. thanks for sharing this!
    anwyays i want to share something to those hello kitty lovers out there..

  42. Julia

    Divorce that girl.

  43. Hi! I loved the red velvet hello kitty gown. How much is that? Thanks!

  44. catness

    I love these dresses and for those people who put those are ugly get off the site if you don’t like them shut up nobody cares then don’t look at them that easy people in if you really have to talk bad about a designers dress sad they apparently wored hard so shut the hellup and stop with the comments nobody cares!

  45. jinilyn

    love d dresses!

  46. monica

    i love the blue one with clowds and that white one

  47. claviel bernido

    what a nice gowns thats adorable heheheheheheh


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