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Oh, the Japanese. Sometimes their tastes can be delightfully tacky. As if Hello Kitty wedding dresses weren’t horrifying enough, Mattel actually launched a Barbie bridal collection in Tokyo. And no, I’m not talking about those collector’s edition Barbie bridal dolls in designer wedding dresses. I’m talking about life-sized models in Barbie-esque clothing. They’re not really as horrid as I make them out to be; some of the gowns look pretty wearable. But a good majority of the Barbie bridal gowns look like they’d be more appropriate on Barbie dolls than on actual women.

barbie bridal 3

I quite like these wedding gowns, especially the one to the right. The fur-lined cape and gloves balance out the voluminous ball-gown skirt. The lacy wedding dress to the left looks good too, but I’d like it better without the ruffles on the neckline.

barbie bridal 4

This is a really lovely photo. I like how the model looks so relaxed and carefree, and I love how the dress’s fabric cascades down the chair.

barbie bridal

I wouldn’t mind this dress so much if it didn’t have the Barbie logo dangling from the waist. I can see a debutante wear this on her 18th birthday bash, but on a bride? Maybe not.

barbie bridal 2

More debutante-appropriate wedding dresses.

barbie bridal flower girl

Barbie Bridal also has a flower girl collection but I think these are the tackiest dresses of the bunch. The girl looks just like a child beauty pageant contestant. And those big bows? Ugh. Whatever happened to dressing up children like children?

Like Mattel’s other clothing lines for adults, the Barbie bridal collection is only for sale in Japan, thus sparing the rest of the world of these monstrosities.

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