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I’ve been watching a lot of silent movies lately. I can’t explain why I’m so drawn to them, but there is one aspect of it that I can explain – art deco fashion! Silent movies are worth watching, if only to see how women dressed at the time. Art deco is a design style that was popular in the 1920′s to the late 1930′s, and is arguably one of the most fascinating periods in terms of dress. Ladies from the art deco period adorned themselves in rich textures, bold sweeping patterns, striking geometric shapes, and gold embellishments. Some art deco details are actually very trendy today, most notably in wedding fashion. Let’s take a look!

Bias cut

art deco bias cut
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A bias cut dress places the fabric in a diagonal direction so that the dress will drape over curves and accentuate body lines. The delicate, graceful flow of a bias cut dress was very big in the 1920s, and still is today.

Tiers and flapper girl dresses

flapper dress
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The word “flapper” was used to describe a “new breed” of women who emerged in the 1920s – women who wore shorter skirts, had bobbed hair, listened to jazz music, and rebelled against what was considered “acceptable feminine behavior.” Aside from their irreverent behavior, flapper girls were known for their style, which was largely influenced by Coco Chanel. The look was more boyish rather than feminine, and dresses were straight, loose, though not with the gold and red embellishments typical of the period. A popular feature of their dress were tiers, which became big in the fall 2010 runways.

Feathered headbands

Flapper girls of the 20s also gave up frilly hats for simpler accessories like feathered headbands. This particular piece is from Jennifer Behr’s fall 2009 collection but if her designer prices are too expensive, you can find similar items at Matthew and Melka.

Have an art-deco themed wedding

If you’re fascinated by the roaring 20s like I am and would like an art-deco themed wedding, The Diamond Hotel actually has what you’re looking for. The All That Jazz theme uses a blue and purple color theme to evoke the nightclubs of old, when jazz music was all the rage and girls danced about freely. Encourage your guests to come in 20s wear; since so many of the details are back in fashion now, they shouldn’t have trouble finding the perfect outfit for your wedding.

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