Wedding Gown Trends for 2009

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2009 is only a couple of weeks away and the new year will be bringing us more amazing wedding gown styles to choose from. If you’re the kind of bride who wants to look like you just stepped off the runway, then you’re going to have so much fun with the wedding gown trends of 2009. Here are some 2009′s boldest and most beautiful wedding dress styles:

flapper wedding dress
Flapper Dress

Vintage wedding dresses are back with a vengeance with flapper dresses and vintage-style accessories all over the runway. A flapper dress is a straight, multi-layered loose dress that was very popular among the “new breed” of women in the 1920′s who had bobbed haircuts, listened to jazz music, and flouted conventional norms. The flapper wedding dresses featured above are by Marc Jacobs; they look more grungy and less glittery than the flapper dresses of old, but the off-kilter style is exactly what makes them appealing.

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pink wedding dress
Pink Wedding Dress

White will still be a traditional favorite for wedding dresses, but colorful wedding dresses are no longer options for the more adventurous bride. Brides of 2009 will walk down the aisle in soft pastels and warmer colors, including brilliant shades of crimson and scarlet red. But since a good number of brides won’t be quite ready to walk down the aisle in such vivid colors, pink is going to be the next big thing. It looks traditional and romantic and allows you to embrace your love for color at the same time.

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greek goddess wedding dress
Greek Goddess Wedding Dresses

I’ve always loved the dresses worn by the lovely goddesses of Greece’s Golden Age and I’m very happy that they’re now in style. They’re simple enough for beach weddings or destination weddings, but with the use of arm blings, Greek goddess wedding gowns be glammed up for a wedding in the city. You can get a lot of inspiration from bridal magazines and websites or better yet, an illustrated copy of Greek mythology! Another idea is to have your bridesmaids wear Greek goddess dresses if you want to wear a more traditional and structured wedding dress.

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asymmetric wedding dress
Asymmetric Wedding Dress

The asymmetric or one-shouldered wedding dress that’s all the rage in winter 2008 has spilled over to next season’s trend. Asymmetrical wedding dresses are exciting alternatives to the traditional strapless wedding gown. The exposed, bare shoulder has a distinct modern look and a sexy, come-hither vibe to it; at the same time, it’s neither too revealing nor too avant-garde.

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