Unique Wedding Packages at Diamond Hotel

Is your wedding just like everyone else’s?

Try asking around and you will hear the similarities – from the ubiquitous wedding march, the same flowers, to the traditional reception. For more discerning urbanites, these common elements are as historic as the Jurassic era.

Refurbishing the metro’s wedding scene and giving it a fresh romantic twist is Diamond Hotel – an oasis of the city’s best dining and lifestyle destinations – as it unveils its unique and special wedding packages that veer away from the safe and forgettable traditional ceremonies.

“Getting married is probably one of the most important decisions a person will make in his lifetime – saying those vows and committing to an eternal relationship. This milestone deserves nothing less than a memorable wedding ceremony fitted to your needs and taste,” says LA Popa, Diamond Hotel’s Banquets Sales Manager.

Believing that dream weddings don’t come in similar shapes and sizes, Diamond Hotel will cater to the different and evolving needs of discerning urbanites who are already planning to say “I do”.

Before the March Begins

Tapping into the expertise of different wedding experts from all over the metro, brides and grooms to be can let go of your pre-wedding jitters and let Diamond Hotel do the work.

Diamond Hotel offers a Chinese engagement party giving couples a chance to experience an authentic Ting Hun. From the ceremonious serving of tea to the doling out of engagement gifts, let everyone know that a commitment of love is about to be sealed inspired by a culture that gives utmost importance to the announcement of their engagement as much as the wedding itself.

Aside from the engagement party, one of the most awaited prenuptial events is the bridal shower. Diamond Hotel offers the bride and her friends a rejuvenating celebration of the big day. They can relax under the skillful hands of Diamond Hotel’s trained masseuse as they give soothing hand, foot, back and head massages as well as enjoy other wellness treatments that will definitely relieve all wedding anxieties.

bridal shower

Once pampered and glowing, the next step would be to immortalize the wedding. Pre-nuptial photos are probably one of the most important elements in preparing a wedding. They are often used in wedding invitations, AVPs, souvenir albums and other gamut of purposes. But most importantly, it captures the beauty of the bride and the charm of the groom in well choreographed poses; and it takes an expert’s eye and the perfect lens to do this. Diamond Hotel assists soon to be brides and grooms to achieve the best pre-nuptial photos by giving you one of a kind shots induced with high fashion by the industry’s most sought after photographers.

wedding photography.

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